As the founder of DOBETTER NOW, and a father of seven children, Jeramie Coleman was challenged with providing school supplies for all of his children. Though there was some community help, the supplies available were limited. He realized that there was a need for someone to advocate not only for the children, but the low-income families that faced the same challenges he had experienced.

Mr. Coleman put his skills as a networker to work and DOBETTER NOW was born during the 2020 pandemic. He found that people were willing to help if asked. He began to seek out local businesses to sponsor him and found that many were willing to make not only monetary donations but donate needed supplies as well. He also found that many were willing to volunteer their time in whatever capacity they would be able to contribute to. We have committed to doing better wherever we can for the future of upcoming leaders.



We commit to Empower our communities by getting involved through not only giving but caring. We commit to Unite businesses and individuals to provide communities impacted by poverty and tragedy with Hope. Let us make a difference, and  DOBETTER NOW.